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Monday, May 18, 2009

Waking Up With Stitching On My Mind

I can tell it is going to be a good day when I wake up with stitching on my mind. Some times people laugh at me when I tell them this, but it is true. Almost every day I wake up with stitching on my mind. I never seem to tire of it. If I do get tired of working on a cetain piece there is always another one around that I can work on. If you are like most quilters or stitchers, (I am both so I call myself a quitcher!!) you probably have many different projects lying around in vaious places throughout the house, and probably also in the car. And if you can't find one laying around, there is always a new one to start!! That is so much fun, starting a fresh new
project! With all the good intentions in the world we start new things and every once in a while we finish one. Many times I may have five projects lying around all with about a half hour left on them. Then all of a sudden one day, I will get the urge and finish them all in one day. Aaaah! What a great feeling it is to finish five projects in a day. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment. I had one of those days yesterday , and I was able to wrap up about 7 things actually. Today, I feel like I have accomplished nothing, even though I have been busy all day. I like making miniature quilts, and I like doing my own designing. Sometimes I think that people may
think I pop these things off just like that and sometimes it does happen that way. But right now I am working on a miniature that has been reconstructed so many times that I am thinking about calling it "A Misfit." I am eager to see the response I get once I actually put it on the market. It isn't a hard quilt, it just took forever to get around to something that I was pleased with. Well however, it turns out, I know my grandaughter will like it. She loves everything I do, even a very gaudy piece of Crazy Quilting that was actually my first attempt at that. Whenever, she sees it, she asks me if she can have it when I am gone. I always promise her she can,
because there is no doubt in my mind that anyone else will fight about it. Grandkids are the best! Tomorrow it will be off to school to see my oldest grandson in the spelling bee. Should be fun!!

Happy Stitching! Carol

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