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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time To Plant

One thing for sure that I know I have passed along to my grandkids is the love of going out and digging in the dirt. Even before I was ready to dig this year, these two grandsons of mine, age 4 1/2 and 5 years had to do some spring planting.They discovered this nice patch of black dirt next to the shop, and they both came running into the house asking for seeds. Grandma wasn't prepared, so I had to scamper a bit and find some seeds. I dug into the sunflower sack for the birds, and then I went to the cupboard and found some navy beans and then a few popcorn seeds; I made up a little baggie for each of them, and they both ran outside happy as could be.
That kept them busy for about a half hour, as they dug holes and planted their seeds. It sure was fun to watch.
I did go out today to dig in one of my flower beds, and it was great, but I have to pace myself, or otherwise I would stay out there all day. Then the next day, I would be stiff and sore.
Tonight I have to get busy and do a little quilting or stitching. I am working on some more miniatures made from Civil War fabrics. I will get a picture as soon as I can to post.
Happy Stitching! Carol

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