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Monday, May 18, 2009

Lifes Little Blessings

Everyday, I am reminded that one of the blessings of getting older is grandchildren. I am fortunate enough to live pretty close to all six of my grandchildren and I am grateful that all of them were very healthy when they were born. They are all different, their little personalities are so special. The one thing I appreciate the most about them is the condition of their hearts. They are very normal children in so many ways, but the thing I think is the neatest about all of them is their hearts. They are all very affectionate, very caring, warm
individuals. Some of the things they say and do just warm my heart and make me believe that they will grow up to be very special people. All of them love animals, which is pretty evident, as none of us lack for pets. We had a very unfortunate thing happen this week, one of our dogs, Molly, (who was a black lab in appearance, but was a mix of a couple different breeds was found in an animal trap. Needless to say, she was dead, and the
trapper who found her was very sad. When he came to our door, and told me what
happened, I immediately teared up and and I felt like we had lost a family member. Molly was like family, she was the protector of all the grandchildren, while she watched our place at night and would always alert us that maybe a cow was out or something was going on outside that needed our attention. All of my grandchildren loved Molly. When my two oldest grandsons would come and spend a night with us, they always wanted to bring in Molly. I always let them, because they would lay on the floor with him and play. They would hug him, sit on him, roll on the floor with him and many times I would hear them say, "Molly , I love you."They all loved him; he would actually
smile at them. If you have never seen a dog smile, you have missed out. It is the sweetest thing.My grand daughter who lives next to us, claimed Molly as her dog. Where ever, Mariah went, Molly went. They were inseparable, and she claimed tobe the one that trained him to be such a wonderful dog. Manytimes I felt sorry for him, for some days Molly wore hats, some days he was on a leash; whatever she did to him, Molly accepted as part of his chore to follow along behind her. When the grandkids were playing outside, Molly would lay quietly on the lawn, and watch them, as soon as one of them would get to near the road, or wander farther then they were allowed to go, you could see Molly slowly get up and go and put herself between the danger and whatever grandkid needed gaurding. She did it very quietly, as if it was her job. If one of the kids would disappear from site, we would know to immediately see where Molly was as she would be at her post protecting. And if we didn't see either her or one of the kids, all we had to do was give a holler, and she would come bouncing out from where ever and lead us with her tail a wagging right to where ever the missing
kid was. Molly was a blessing too. Thank you God for bringing Molly into our lives, we will all miss her. It is true what they say about dogs, their love of man is unconditional.
Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Stitching! Carol

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