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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Merry Mini Mondays Miniature Group Reminder

Reminder: we will be starting our Merry Mini Mondays on the 30th of March. I have started a Facebook page for our Group. It is called the Merry Mini Monday Miniature Group. Persons who are  taking part in this group may go there and select Join. It will be our place to share pictures, ask question, chit chat about our projects
and just have fun. You may also share other things you are working on. I am sharing a picture of our first project. If you want to sign up just go to Chickadee Hollow Designs  and  go to the Merry Mini Monday Miniature Group and by purchasing the the first kit pictured there, you will automatically be signed up.

Happy Stitching! Carol

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

                                                                      " Ernestine"
Ernestine is our first Bag Lady of The Fat Quarter Club and has already been posted on our website,
so she is ready if you want to start stitching these. The stitching adds so much to these characters; they kind of come to life, Look for The Bag Ladies of the Fat Quarter Club. This is where you can purchase them.

Sneak peek of another Bag Lady of The Fat Quarter Club soon to be released. I wanted you to see them before the stitching,because I think the stitching adds so much. Here is Charlotte. She looks a little tattered, with holes in her sleeves, her big toe sticking out of her shoe; she is on the way to the park to feed the has already found her and has landed on her shoulder. Oh, and she has a donut for herself in her pocket.
Come on over and take a peak at our website, www,    We have another club we just started and it is called Merry Mini Mondays Miniature Quitls, that one will start the lasy Monday of the month. however you can sign up for it alreadty. Just purchase the first kit and you will automatically be signed up. Here is a picture of the first kit, sign up for $25.00, and that includes the first kit.

Happy Stitching! Carol

Friday, March 6, 2015

Two New Programs at Chickadee Hollow Designs


We are starting two new programs at Chickadee Hollow Designs. Here is the information on the first program . It is called a Merry Mini Monday!Read the following information to find out the details.
You can start signing up now, on our website. I will be back later with details about the second program

Merry Mini Mondays
   Join us as we began our journey of “Merry Mini Mondays.” 
One of three mini’s
   are showcased above, and reflect the theme of the mini’s 
 we have planned for you.   
   We will   launch our program on the last Monday of the month. 
  We will be using 
   reproduction fabrics both from the Civil War Era and from the 1930’s. 
Each quarter   
   we will rotate  between Civil War and 1930’s. 
There are a limited spots available in 
   this program; we need  to know how many for making kits
 Persons who sign up for 
   the program will get 10% of their kits. 
The mini’s will be presented each quarter at a 
   time, but will be shipped prior to the last Monday of the month. 
We are setting up a 
   Facebook group for this program,
 so that customers can ask questions, showcase 
   their work, and join others in conversation who are in the program
  The FB group not will be accessible before the last Monday.   You may sign
  up for this program by going to our website,    
  starting today. Remember there is a limited number of spots available.  These 
  patterns are  designed for beginners to intermediate. 
They have very easy, understandable instructions.
  The kits will be pre-cut and available for club members first, 
if there are others who 
  want them, we will post any extras
 that we have available on our Miniature Quilt 
  Page. If you  want to sign up you must do so on the MERRY MINI MONDAY 
  Category The kit price will range from $16.95 to $25.00, and includes the pattern. 
  If you want to join us and use you own fabric, you  may do so, the patterns will 
  be available for $8.00. If you have questions,
  you may email us at or call us at 320-354-2456.
  Sign up fee, $25.00, this includes your pre-cut first kit and pattern.  

  Tune in  tomorrow for the details of our second program.