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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

                                                                      " Ernestine"
Ernestine is our first Bag Lady of The Fat Quarter Club and has already been posted on our website,
so she is ready if you want to start stitching these. The stitching adds so much to these characters; they kind of come to life, Look for The Bag Ladies of the Fat Quarter Club. This is where you can purchase them.

Sneak peek of another Bag Lady of The Fat Quarter Club soon to be released. I wanted you to see them before the stitching,because I think the stitching adds so much. Here is Charlotte. She looks a little tattered, with holes in her sleeves, her big toe sticking out of her shoe; she is on the way to the park to feed the has already found her and has landed on her shoulder. Oh, and she has a donut for herself in her pocket.
Come on over and take a peak at our website, www,    We have another club we just started and it is called Merry Mini Mondays Miniature Quitls, that one will start the lasy Monday of the month. however you can sign up for it alreadty. Just purchase the first kit and you will automatically be signed up. Here is a picture of the first kit, sign up for $25.00, and that includes the first kit.

Happy Stitching! Carol

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