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Monday, May 18, 2009

My Funny Friends

One thing I really admire in a person is a great sense of humor. I like people that can laugh at themselves and can tell you funny things that they have done even if it makes them look silly. My friend Judy, has a sense of humor a lot like mine and often we will say the same thing at the same time, which makes it even funnier. We often talk on Instant Messenger and sometimes we get the giggles so bad that we have to quit. Last night she was telling me about the fact that she lost the mattress pad for her queen size bed. She has been busy re-decorating her bedroom and in the process misplaced her mattress pad. As we were talking, she was telling me all the places she had looked for it and I was kind of suggesting places where she should look also. Now how does one misplace a queen size mattress pad? She lives alone in a smaller home and she claims she has looked "everywhere." She told me she had even looked in her "freezer." Needless to say, they were several, "lol, lol, lol," over that comment. She is one of these obsessive people who is a fanatic about cleaning and ironing and pressing everything. So, I suggested to her that maybe she had ironed it and folded it up and put it in the drawer with her doily's. Then I suggested that maybe she still had it on the bed, or that it was under the lid of her printer. (That's another story I should share.) Anyway, the last I talked to her, she had still not found it. It really isn't the kind of thing that someone would come in and steal. She is a quilter; I sure hope she didn't sew it into a quilt! Anyway, I do look forward to talking to her every evening ater the news, because we have the same kind of sense of humor. It is good to go to bed laughing. There has been times when I have gone to bed and thought of something that she said and then I would lay there and laugh and try not to disturb my husband. It is good to have a friend that can make you laugh.I had my own little circus here tonight, as I gave my two Pomerainian pups a bath. I was all alone in the house; I could have used my husband with his lariat rope. I guess next time I give them a bath I should not bring out the towels and the puppy shampoo until I have them corraled! They still are not quite used to the bathing ritual. It is tick season in Minnesota so they need their baths frequently. First I tried to lure them to me by talking sweet and that didn't work. Then I tried one of their favorite toys and they both sat there and looked at me like they were thinking I was pretty weird. Darn!! Where are those husbands when you need them. After several trips through the entire house, (under the beds and chairs, behind the couches) I finally caught one and took him to the tub. As soon as the other one saw what was happening, he disappeared! By the time I was done with the first one, I was pooped!! I actually thought of waiting with the second one until in the morning, but they sleep together and I didn't want the other one to get dirty again, so the chase was on again. Finally they were both squeaky clean and then my husband walks in. (Don't husbands have uncanny timing??) When I told him, he thought it was funny! Guess who is going to be around on the next bathday?? He needs to get in on the round-up. After all he is the cowboy in the family! I didn't get any quilting or stitching done today, but my studio is sparkly clean. If we get the rain that is forecasted for tomorrow; it will be a great day to spend the day stitching. A couple of graduations to go to, visits with the kids and grandkids and the weekend will be gone.I want to take some special time this weekend to reflect and pray for the men and women who have gone before and those who are presently serving our country. We all need to take time to honor them and pray for them.Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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