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Saturday, July 30, 2011

USA State Flowers

Remember a while back when I posted the patterns of the State Flowers, Birds and Flags that ladies did years and years ago, and are still available.? Well, I decided it would be fun to make at least one of these, because I do love embroidery. But, I decided to change things up a bit, (you know me!) Here is a picture of the first block that I grabbed and it happens to be Nevada. According to the direction I was suppose to pick green, bright yellow and bright blue for the floss colors. I have seen some of the older quilts made like this and they didn't have a lot of floss colors to choose back then, not like we do now. So here is what I did, I changed the background from a white to a cream color, and I changed the color palettte from a bright color to a muted color. I really like the way they are turning out. Now this will allow me to use some of the muted fabric choices we have today to make this into a "stunning" quilt.Actually I am almost done with the second block; these go pretty fast and you can easily do a couple a week. 
So if you want to get on board and do one of these quilts, I would be glad to share my color chart with you.
Also we sell the different color background blocks, either in white. natural, or cream. You get a generous 12 inch block so there is plenty of room to hoop your design and do the stitching. We sell the patterns and the blocks on our Hand Embroidery page at  I did not design these patterns but I do sell them. I have no idea who designed them, but I think they are pretty and I think we  kind of  lost a genration of people who never learned the beauty of embroidery or the pure enjoyment you can get from doing it. It is very easy, anybody can learn to do it.I really do appreciate all of you who read my blogs and also those who post comments. I love your thoughts and ideas.
Happy Stitching! Carol


  1. That's lovely! Lovely color choices. Years ago I bought the state birds embroidery transfer with the intent of eventually making a quilt. Never did make that particular quilt (though I am a quilter). Probably won't at this point. The embroidery transfers are still around somewhere.

  2. Yes they are and I get them from a supply house, but they are still great designs, and I kive changing up the color a bit.I also did look up the state flower for Nevada and there is a lot of diffent colors of sage, which I knew so that is why I chose this color.