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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Civil War Blocks

Happy Saturday to everybody!. It is humid, plus here in Minnesota AGAIN today! So humid that the windows and doors are fogged over because the inside is cooler and less humid than outside. That has certainly been the norm here lately. Oh and did I mention mosquitos? I have come to the conclusion that they not only breed in water, but they also grow and get fat on water. With our abundance of rain this year, these little guys are fat and hungry for my blood! Some got into the house last night and made for a miserable night.I swatted until about 1:00 am and then either fell asleep or they were done feeding on me.
I had forgotten to share my other blocks I have doine with the Civil War fabrics. I am doing a free BOW on my other blog, "Civil War Stitch Along."  so if you would like to follow along, hop on over there and check it our.

Here are the newest blocks. I am using the Civil War Chronicles Fabric Line from Marcus Brothers on this quilt. I am also trying to find osme block patterns that are older or not so common. Thes are, #1 Underground Railroad, #2 Cobblestone, and #3 Richmond. It is fun to do different blocks and learn the names of them, and of course it makes you wonder about the history of why they were named what they were. If any of you have that information, please share it with us.
Happy Stitching! Carol

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  1. Hey Carol : I have done week #1 and week #2 and posted them. I am working on the rest and hopeing to catch up this week. I love week #5.
    What a weird name for a block. Wish I did know about this block. I have been quilting for about 8 years and just now have gotten hooked on Civil War Quilts. So I have a lot to learn about these blocks. How many blocks do you plan on doing? Thanks for the challenge.