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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I??

I am looking at a new house dog at the shelter, and she is really cute. I am trying to decide, should I or shouldn't I? I miss the company of a dog laying at my feet while I sew. Does anyone else enjoy that?? She is two years old, a tri-color Jack Russel, rat terrier mix, house trained and loves to sit on your lap. Can I possibly go wrong?? I think rat terriers/mixes make the best house dogs, they are low maintenance, easy to keep clean and groomed, and usually pretty loveable.
I think I talked myself into it!! I will have to wait for her to get spayed, so I have time to get ready for her.
While I am waiting, I will contine to work on my "relaxing in the porch project." I have been working on these little ornaments that I think are turning out so cute. They are the perfect easy little project to work on while listening to the grandkids talk a mile a minute, they are all taking turns at Grandmas for the early part of summer. We will have a "just before school" session too. I love them all, and they are so full of "vim and vigor" and just love to hear scary stories that Grandma makes up as I go. Of course I have to use their names for the characters in the stories. Sometimes they get so scary, that they all end up on my lap. Pure fun!!
Next week, it is time for some serious sewing!!
Until then,
Happy Stitching! Carol

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