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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Deal of the Week

Windmills & Wildflowers

This pattern free with your purchase.

It's my Birthday this week, and I am celebrating with a super deal. Today we sent out newsletter with a special for you in honor of my birthday. Here is the deal

Buy all three Sew Special Mini Charm Patterns, and get a free Windmills and Wildflowers pattern, plus a free mystery gift.

The Sew Special Mini Charms patterns are the ones featured in the post before this one of the little Christmas tree with all the little quilt block charms.

I can't tell you what the free mystery gift is!

No special code, just purchase the 3 Sew Special Mini Charms Patterns and the rest of the deal is automatic.
Happy Stitching! Carol

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Primitive Quilts & Projects

I had to share this photo, it is the cover of the first Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine. It is a wonderful publication, very nicely done, in fact when I saw it in my mail, I thought well that is strange I didn't order a book that I recall. It looks like a book it is so nicely done. The projects and photography are great. I am almost done re-organizing my studio, and as soon a I get it done, I promise some pictures. Gosh, I forgot how long it takes to move a studio; I am certain there are little gnomes living in there and bringing stuff in, because I don't remember having all this "stuff." But, I have to remind myself that it is not just a quilting room, it contains pretty much all my art supplies, painting, drawing, and all my stitching things. I will never move it again! It is hard to ask for help because I want to know where stuff is at, and I want to be able to throw as I go through everything, however, that pile is pretty small. Oh well, it is my life,so it is what it is..........I hate that saying and can't believe I just used it!
My poor little Honey (my little stitching partner) patiently lays by and moves from one spot to the next about a foot and a half away as I move about going through the next corner. What a trooper, and always there unconditionally. Hoowever, she loses her patience when it comes to about 10:30-11:00 at night; she wants to go to bed, she she sits behind me and lets out a little bark or sneeze every once in a while.

Happy Stitching! Carol

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Christmas Idea!

Sew Special Mini Charms I, II, III

It is never too early to start on Christmas gifts is it? Today I am sharing with you a picture of my designs that I put on my little Christmas Tree. These designs are called Sew Special Mini Charms I, II, & III. They are available at go to Ornaments

and then select Sew Special Mini Charms, Each package comes with 6 pre-printed designs,pre-colored designs. Each one meausres approximately 2" square when they are completed. Decorate them with some of your favorite buttons, hearts, stars, rounds, whatever. We also sell buttons on our website that you can use on these. They are quick, fun easy, and cuter than a bugs ear!! Make a great gift for a stitcher, or for anyone for that matter. Attach one to your Christmas packages, or hang them around the house for some country charm!

It is defintely still stitching weather (it is always stitching weather!) in Minnesota, they are predicting snow and colder than normal here for the next five days, Whoopie!

Grab a warm blanket and snuggle up with your favorite snack, a stitching project, and the remote, (if you can get it away from your husband) and have yourself a great weekend.Happy Stitching! Carol

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will It Ever Be Spring??

My Crazy Summer
Oh my, will it ever be Spring this year? I have had a difficult winter to say the least. It was long, cold, gray, gloomy, no sunshine, lots of snow kind of winter. Had the Influenza B flu, my arthritis was not good, and all of that on top of working around a construction crew. Difficult to say the least, but I am going to be soooo happy with my new space, once I get everything put away and organized. Whoa, a person doesn't realize how much they have until you start trying to find places for it, and try to downsize a little at the same time. I will share pictures as soon as I get everyhting put away. I did find a little time to do some stitching and finished the last season in my Four Seasons little pillows. This is the last in that series. You can see all four of them if you go to and look for the Embroidery page.

I really hope to take some time this summer and spend it at the lake, maybe even doing some fishing. How about you, what are your plans for the summer? Give me some feedback and tell me what you like to do in the Summer. Summer will eventually get here, but because Spring seems so far away, Summer seems like an eternity away! So, being it is so cold out yet, you may as well stitch!

Happy Stitching! Carol