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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will It Ever Be Spring??

My Crazy Summer
Oh my, will it ever be Spring this year? I have had a difficult winter to say the least. It was long, cold, gray, gloomy, no sunshine, lots of snow kind of winter. Had the Influenza B flu, my arthritis was not good, and all of that on top of working around a construction crew. Difficult to say the least, but I am going to be soooo happy with my new space, once I get everything put away and organized. Whoa, a person doesn't realize how much they have until you start trying to find places for it, and try to downsize a little at the same time. I will share pictures as soon as I get everyhting put away. I did find a little time to do some stitching and finished the last season in my Four Seasons little pillows. This is the last in that series. You can see all four of them if you go to and look for the Embroidery page.

I really hope to take some time this summer and spend it at the lake, maybe even doing some fishing. How about you, what are your plans for the summer? Give me some feedback and tell me what you like to do in the Summer. Summer will eventually get here, but because Spring seems so far away, Summer seems like an eternity away! So, being it is so cold out yet, you may as well stitch!

Happy Stitching! Carol

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