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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Year of Civil War

Chrysanthemum made with Civil War Fabrics
We are getting closer every day to being ready for our year of Civil War projects. While it won't officially be ready until after January 1st, we are getting ready for it. We have pretty much got all the projects started and some are actually completed. We are still taking names, so shoot us an e-mail and let us know if you are interested. Letting us know you are interested does not obligate you in any way. By the way, we started a new blog just for the Civil War Stitch Along Club, and you can visit it already and get in on the "cutting edge." Here is the link:
Happy Stitching! Carol

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Civil War Stitch Along Club

We will be having a Civil War Stitch Along Club. Anyone that is interested, please drop me a line, so that you may be added to the growing list. There will be three options and you may do all three if you like. If you love Civil War Fabrics, then this is the club for you. Details will be e-mailed after the Thanksgiving Holiday, requesting information does not require you to be a part of the Club. Tell your friends or anyone who might also be interested.

Happy Stitching! Carol

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Freedom Is Not Free

To honor my husband who is a Viet Nam Veteran, and all veterans who have served us so unselfishly and with the courage that most of us can not even imagine. We are PROUD, of your COURAGE, and give THANKS, for our FREEDOM. He was very moved by this little wall hanging that I made for him a few years ago, so I know the feelings run very deep.
God Bless the Veterans and the United States of America
"I sing because I am happy,
I sing because I am FREE,
for his eye is on the sparrow,
and I know He watches me."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Civil War Nine Patch

Civil War Nine Patch
Had a full day of sewing today, and got a lot of little things done from my "To Do" pile. I did finish the binding on this piece that I did recently. It is a throw about 55"x 65," and also a table runner. So many times customers tell me that they would like to find patterns that would go well with a lot of the natural colors in their decorating. I think these pieces would work great. The runner is about 16" x 38." I researched about 1200 Nine Patch Blocks and could not find this one anywhere, so I don't know if I have actually come up with a new one or not. It really doesn't matter, I like the way it turned out anyway.
I have quite a collection of civil war fabrics, and I am eager to start a couple of new pieces. So we will see what tomorrow brings. My little Honey (that's my puppy) is patiently waiting for me to go to bed. She comes and sits behind me when she thinks it is time for me to quit working on the computer. I love that little squirt! That's what my husband calls her, Squirt!
Good Night and
Happy Stitching! Carol

Monday, November 8, 2010

Civil War Fabrics

I don't know what it is about the Civil War fabrics that make me like them so well, I certainly can't remember that era, but they stir something inside of me that makes me want to work with them. Althought this picture isn't the best, I took a couple of pieces that I really liked and I made this ministure 9 patch variation quilt. Two color quilts were popular during that era., and I wanted to do something that would go with a lot of todays decorating ideas. Lots of people decorate their homes with a lot of natural colors. This arrangement would be a great piece to add some nostalgia to a little corner. I also made a runner and a throw also using this color combination.
The history that goes along with the Civil War prints is very interesting to me now, however, I certainly didn't care about it when I was in school; I really didn't care about any history, come to think of it. Ha! I didn't even care about the History teacher. He made fun of me all the time in kind of a joking way; I think he knew deep down that I didn't really care that much about his dumb old history, and he was right. Oh well, it is intersting today, and I certainly will be making a lot more quilts using the Civil War prints. My favorite fabric designer is Judy Rothermill of Marcus Fabrics; I don't think she has designed anything that I didn't like. Windham also has some nice Civil War prints. Well, I better get going a new quilt!!
Happy Stitching! Carol