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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hoppy Easter!!

Easter is fast approaching and we are well on our way to Spring here in Minnesota! Yeah!!!
Spring does bring along it's share of clean-up, and work to be done outside. Every year I dream about this wonderful looking yard and garden; I wonder if it will happen this year? My grandkids are getting big enough so I can probably talk some of them into helping. Last year they all wanted to plant seeds, so I got some cute pictures of the two smallest ones doing some planting. Their attention spans are not quite long enough to finish the job though and so Grandpa and Grandma ended up putting the shovels and rakes away after the big planting session. It was fun though watching them digging in the earth and having the enthusiasm that we tried to instill in our children when they were younger that planting seeds and watching them grow is definitely a worhwhile thing to do. Not to mention if you plant the right ones, you get the added reward of being able to eat what you have sown. Spring also brings out the usual "bumper crop" of dandelions especially here in the country. Over the years I have always wrestled over the notion of whether to spray them or just let them run their course and put up with it for a couple of weeks until they have formed their little "puffballs" and the wind has carried them off to places far and wide. I have bought weed spray and have a hard time putting it down on the yard. I am too concerned over what the chemicals would do to our songbirds that enjoy our yard this year. I will have to see how bad they are and wrestle with that again this year. I have also received a bumper crop of seed catalogs in the mail this year, some that I have never heard of before.Hmmm, wonder what that is all about??
Oh well, I think I need to get back to my stitching, the only big decisions I have to make their is whether to buy some more fabric!
Happy Stitching! Carol

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