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Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Christmas,and then the New Year!!!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
to all of my faithful readers and customers !
It has been a very good year in spite of all that is going on nationally and internationally. I hope that all of you have also had a good year. Even though it makes me a year older, I am excited to be able to have the promise of a New Year. So much about what kind of a year it will be, or even a new day, depends on each of us individually and how we face the new day or New Year. If we face it with enthusiasm , and with a good attitude
for the most part, we will have a great year. It is so true that the only way to find true happiness, is to reach out to others and bring happiness into their lives and the more we do this, the happier we will be. Being happy is a choice, and happy people don't necessarily have a perfect life, they have just chosen not to let the imperfections in their lives ruin their perspective on life. So be happy, pick up some stitching or quilting when times get tough and enjoy the process of creating. And if you really want to be happy, teach a child how to embroider, sew, or quilt. By doing this, you are teaching them something that could become a major part of their life.
For those of you who might be interested in doing our ornament line as a Stitchery of the Month, you can check out the details on our website, http://www.chickadeehollowdesigns/ click on the Santa in the ornament section to get all the details, or send me an e-mail. You may also want to check out our Christmas Club.
Have a great holiday and I will be in touch in the New Year.
Happy Stitching! Carol


  1. Merry Christmas!! Having a wonderful time...went to the Nutcracker Ballet last night. I imagine you will be snowed in! Just knew if I left there would be a snowstorm which I so love. See ya soon! Thanks for the Christmas wishes.

  2. Do you still have the ornament of the month club?