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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2009 Ornament Series

Vintage Quilt Shop Ornament
Today, I am posting the last ornament of the 2009 ornament series! These have been so much fun to do, and I can hardly wait for next year to start my second series. If you haven't started making this series yet, go to our website, and check them out. We also have a SOM (Stitchery of the Month) option for those of you who would like to save a little money but get all 18 ornaments done in a year. Remeber to click on the View Details option beneath each ornament, it will give you a large colored picture of each ornament that you can print for floss color placement. The SOM option includes the floss pack in the total price. Also,wo do have floss packs available for the entire set for $10.00 I hope you enjoy them.
Happy Stitching! Carol

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  1. Carol, I love your darling embroidered ornaments. I am a member of HEN and read about you in Thread. Congratulations! I quilt and embroider and love the way the internet allows communities of people with similar interests to meet each other. I live in California, near San Francisco. Joan