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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spring Preview

April Showers
The weather has been great here for the last week, with temperatures in the low 30's. That is wonderful for January in Minnesota. It sure does get the spring fever going though. But I have lived here long enough to know that we have a lot of winter ahead of us yet. But, I can pretend it is Spring as I work on some new things for Spring. I am teasing you today with a little Spring/Easter Ornament or Charm, whatever you want to call them. We should have them all ready by the last week in January.
I think the winter is going pretty fast, course I spend a lot of time here in my "happy room." It helps to have something to do. We have several shows coming up and also a lot of trunk show to do, so we are basically booked up until the Minnesota Quilt Show which is in June. After that it will be time to start working on things for this fall.
Remember to take some time and count your blessings and pray for the people of Haiti and please if you are able to donate, give if you can. They can use all of our prayers and anything else we can share with them. I did hear that right now is not the time to start donating quilts and other furnishings. Right now they need water and food to survive and rest will have to be for later.
Enjoy the rest of the winter season, and will share some more goodies with you later in the month.

Happy Stitching! Carol


  1. The ornament is simply 'adorable'! It should be fun to make it. I can't hardly wait for the 'rabbit'! Go Vikings!

  2. Your little applique is cute, it kind of look like some of my emboidery design. Yes we need to pray for the people in haiti now, our church is going to do a money donation for the next few week for them, any thing will help. Happy stitching! Connie