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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Made this to honor my husband who served in Viet Nam

Thinking about Memorial Day today,
 after my husband commented how busy the highway
 was on his way home from town. 
Everybody is going somewhere this weekend 
to celebrate Memorial Day. 
We typically don't do any celebrating as such. 
It is more a quiet day....a day of thinking about Memorial Day
 and those who have gone before us. 
We have had many family members who have served,
 on both sides of the family, including my husband who 
was in Viet Nam. They have all come home 
after their service, pretty much unharmed. Makes me
 wonder why some are chosen to die, and others are not, 
I have heard of some families who have lost more 
than one family member,
 some even 3 and 4 members of the same family. 
What is their Memorial Day like?
 How do they spend this holiday? 
Freedom is not free.
 It is impossible to put a price on it or measure it in any way, 
other than by counting the ones who lost their life 
in defending that freedom. Other things are hard to measure too........the pain that soldiers and their families
 have been through,physical,emotional,spiritual,
missed opportunities for those who had plans, 
dreams of coming home and building a family,
 a home or a career.
I have for those who lost their lives, 
the families who waited for them,
 to those who are having to serve as we speak.
 War is Hell......Freedom isn't Free!
 That's what I will be thinking about
Happy Stitching! Carol

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sign Up Today for our first POW-WOW!!

Patriotic Ornaments  

POW-WOW!   Sign up by May 8th!
Patriotic Ornament of the Week-Winner of the Week!
Our newest program, here are the details!

1.There are sixteen ornaments in the complete line. These have been revised since we had our fire. We think these are better than our previous ornaments. Same technique, pre-printed and pre-colored, same size, same price, just better than ever.
2. There are 11 weeks between now and the 4th of July. Each week, for eight weeks we will automatically ship you two ornaments, that are ready to stitch.
3. Each week we will select one person in the club, and that person will receive one of their ornaments free for the next week.

4. They will be shipped First Class every Monday to minimize shipping cost. Cost is the same, $7.00 per ornament so that will be $14.00 each week. If your name is selected as a winner, the next week you will receive one of your ornaments free. You have until May 8th to sign up. Sign up by selecting the sign up area below for $14.00 and that will include your first week of two ornaments. Postage is
additional at approximately 1.50. each week.
You will need Warm-N-Natural and Tea Dye Backing for this project. We have it available on our Notions page.
Fat Quarter of Warm-N-Natural and a Fat Quarter of Tea Dye backing fabric, each $3.00 
 Sign Up Today by going to Chickadee Hollow Designs
Happy Stitching! Carol

Friday, May 1, 2015


Today Millicent joined our group of Bag Lady embroideries. She is a bit eccentric in her clothing, but a bag lady has to wear whatever she finds to wear. She checks out the local thrift store every week and puts together these amazing outfits. I love the colors she chose! She is a sweetheart of a gal, but just a little bit timid. She loves her Friday nights at the Bag Lady Club at the local quilt shop, remember Fat Quarters are only .99 cents on Friday nights.
Wouldn't you just love to stitch her? I forgot to mention she carries her cat Thimble in her jumper pocket, she is kind of scraggly but she is good company for Millicent.

You can join our Bag Ladies of the Fat Quarter Club anytime. Just go to www, and click on the Category to the left.
Happy Stitching! Carol