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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Is Here, But So Is Spring!!

That sounds like I am talking in circles!! Fall is here, but so is Spring. What I meant was my Spring Sampler of the Seasons Stitcheries that I have been working on is ready. Now on to Summer, then all four will be done.
So what's everybody been up to. Getting back in a routine here, after a fun summer but a hot one. So the cooler fall weather has been a just wouldn't have to be this cool.
We are vending at the Walker Minnesota schoolhouse this weekend. Should be a fun time, I am staying home to try and get on top of some things that NEED to get done. This is a first time event that they are planinng to make an annual event. Hope that things go well so they can make it an annual event. Stop on up there if you are in the area and take a peek, should be able to see some nice fall color up there in Northern Minnesota.
Well, I better get busy....time is a flying!!
Happy Stitching! Carol