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Friday, June 18, 2010

Minnesota Does It Up Big!

Just thought I would share with you a few more of my new line of "Sew Special" Ornaments. I just started this line, only have about five of them ready, so they will keep coming for awhile. We have been at the Minnesota Quilt Show for the last two days, and "Wow," what a good show it is. If you are in the area, and haven't stopped to see what is all there, I highly recommend that you do tomorrow. It will be the last day, but it is worth the time. A great bunch of quilters who stopped to make purchases, and chat a bit. It was fun seeing them all.It makes me happy to be a part of this industry. Women and fabric just go together!! I even saw a few guys there and even one dog!! It is really nice to see husbands who come along to help tote stuff for "their women." They are good guys that keep their women happy! So keep on stitching ladies, it looks like there are more quilts needed as many blew away in the tornadoes that went through Minnesota these past couple of days. I think Mother Nature is having menopause or something! Remember all those who had damage or were injured in your prayers tonight, please.

Happy Stitching! Carol