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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Early Morning Thinking!


Isn't she just a little lady? She loves to be groomed and sits so pretty. Such a sweety!

Well, I am officially ready for the next week. I hear it is suppose to be hot and humid. Didn't we just have that? Come on weatherman, shake it up a bit!

What I meant by being ready is I moved a table into my sunporch, the one that is airconditioned and I have been collecting Civil War prints for quite a while now, and my intention has been to make some new quilts with it, so that is going to be my project for the next week when it is suppose to be so hot. If they turn out like the visions in my mind, I may just put together a little book of them. Not sure why I am attracted to them as well as the 1930's fabric, but I am. Everybody has their thing, and for some reason I like them. I have been putting together some layouts on graph paper and I think they will be different , at least I am hoping they will be. Coming up with "different " in the quilting world is getting to be a challenge especially when it comes to blocks, etc. But we will see how they come out, and if your lucky, you may get a glimpse of them here as I usually share what I am working on. Well, it is 4:30 am and I guess I can make that first pot of coffee this morning. Not sure why I am awake, but didn't want to rattle around the kitchen too early as it would wake up my husband, so I put off the coffeemaking for a bit here. But, I can't hold out any longer, besides that cup of coffee in the morning
Happy Stitching! Carol