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Monday, July 1, 2013

My New Quilting Partner

Yup, I found me a new quilting partner! OK, you all know it wouldn't take long before I replaced my Pom, Honey, who had to be put to sleep in February because of her heart condition. But, this time I thought I would try a different type of dog instead of a Pom. So, in early March I got a rat terrier. When I was a kid we grew up with rat terriers, so I remembered that they were smart and fun, cute little dogs, great farm dogs. I called her Abby, and she was a tri-color, so she was really pretty and was very manageable as a puppy, however, as she started to "spread her wings" she became more than I could handle. A gentle little lap dog, she wasn't! She became "the naughty little puppy!" She tore up just about anything from iphone chargers, newspaper, toilet paper, various articles of clothing, etc. I worked with her and I really loved her tenacious side, because I like spirit, but I soon decided the fun little dogs that I had as a kid were more than I could handle at my age. Tearing up a couple of screens in our sun porch was the last straw, and I knew she had to go somewhere. I would not surrender her to the Humane Society, so I advertised her on Craig's list and within three hours of listing her, I had 15 interested parties. I finally let her go to an Occupational Therapist, who was looking for therapy dogs. She worked out perfect for that. I forgot to mention that she was the most social dog ever, and no matter who came to our house, she was friendly and greeted them. I have heard from her new owners several times, we keep in touch, and she is working out wonderfully with their family. So I was OK with my decision. But......I needed to replace her. I like the company of a pet, and there was just a void that needed filling. So I started my search for a Pom. After about a month or so, I found one that I could afford. So tonight I am introducing you to Chloe. Much more my speed, I have had her for about a week, and she has already become a lot like Honey was, always at my feet, follows me from room to room. Has to have one bite of whatever I am eating; if she doesn't like it, she will go lay down.Her personality is the same, but she has a much heavier coat, so with this heat she has been finding the coolest corners of the house. Yup, I think i found my new buddy.
Isn't she cute? The picture isn't that great, it was from a cell phone, but I will get more pictures later.

Happy Stitching! Carol


  1. She is a sweet pup and sometimes breeds don't fit everyone. I had a border collie and he was my constant companion but they need lots of play and exercise. We lost him to a heart attack and I miss having a dog, but the kitties keep me busy enough lately, they are terrors, lol.