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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

                                         Autumn Cherish It!

Oh Happy Day! I love fall! 
It is my favorite time of the year!
The Indian Summer days, the cool nights, a harvest 
moon,hay rides, football games, raking leaves, frost on the 
pumpkins, awesome recipies that we seem to crave especially
 in the fall. 
One of my favorite being the one that brings closure to our 
Autumn season.
The traditional Thanksgiving dinner is the best!
What is not to love about a Baked Turkey, mashed potatoes, 
gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, cranberries, 
and all the other trimmings. My mouth is watering just
 thinking about it.
But, what's best of all is the tradition itself in getting all of 
the family together to eat, say a prayer of Thanksgiving, 
watch some football,reminisce and laugh.
With a little luck, we can watch some soft, falling 
snowflakes too.
It is also time to get going on those last minute
Christmas presents!
We have lots of patterns and ideas for Christmas gifts.
 We have ornaments, table runners, table centers, throws, 
towels, wall hangings and lots, lots more.
Check out our website for lots of ideas.

Happy Stitching! Carol

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  1. You made me hungry talking about thanksgiving dinner, lol. I only eat turkey then, it makes it more enjoyable as a treat once a year. I am still trying to finish some things, but want to get onto my christmas pieces and gifts. I won a couple of your snowlady patterns, so those will be nice to do as gifts for quilting friends.